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Physical pain costs energy at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  Pain represents dis-ease and is often an indication that our inner spirit is calling for our awareness.  What message does your pain send?

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Healing requires:

  • Awareness of body and emotions
  • Acceptance of the present and past
  • Responsibility for your complete life
  • Ability to see beyond this moment
  • Action to fulfill your dreams, desires and life purpose.

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed.  It means that the damage no longer controls your life.” 
-- Akshay Dubey

Is it fear that holds you?  Is there emotional trauma or an unhealed separation that causes your pain?  Where is your energy fragmented, scattered and divided?  When we find the answers to these questions, we begin a journey of self-discovery to become our own best friend.  When we become our own best friend we are able to express our desires and dreams, and appreciate our limits and boundaries.  Learning to live within the quietness of our spirit, we discover inner peace and spiritual healing.  This requires us to become aware of the messages that our mind-body-spirit sends and be willing to answer the call.

Working with someone who appreciates your journey and life experiences increases the potential for self-discovery.  There are many different approaches to help us address your pain and uncover its meaning in your life:
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 3 Healthy Emotions  3 Unhealthy Emotions
1) Balance
We cannot all be gymnasts or Olympic stars.  However, we can appreciate the fact that each of us strives for some balance in our lives.  For me, balance leads to joy and the idea that my heart center is open for new and exciting ideas.  How much can you balance:

- Study with play
- Work with family
- Your masculine side with your feminine personality?
Unhealthy emotions lead to discomfort and disease in the body-mind-spirit.  Being aware of these can lead to a new path, one that opens us to the willingness for change at the most basic levels of our lives.  To me, awareness is one-third of the battle in a quest for greater fulfillment of Inner love and appreciation. 

 1) Humiliation
No one likes to be humiliated.  When it occurs, we feel left out and choked up.  Most times, we believe we have no right to self expression.  As a child, it seemed I was often humiliated by others because of my imagination.  This caused me to grow up believing that fairy tales did not exist.  Imagination is so necessary for spiritual growth and spiritual guidance.  Who or what humiliates you?  Does being humiliated cause you to want to give up?  Wearing jewelry made of pearls or holding pearl gemstones for meditation is helpful for helping one deal with humiliation.
2) Forgiveness
This is sometimes one of the hardest things in life to accomplish. Regardless of whether you have been abused at the physical, emotional or mental level, forgiveness is one of the only things that heals all wounds.  Forgiveness, from one's heart, has proven to be one of the most healing aspects for any physical disease.  It unlocks areas of our own selves that have been trapped behind walls of shame, guilt, and lies for so long.  Write down the names of those who you feel harmed you in some way, bring them into your awareness, and begin to let go of the attitude of how they made you feel.  With each passing day, your spirit will open new things to your innermost soul and make your passage to forgiveness a little easier. 

2) Being a Victim
Being a victim causes our body to collapse or become rigid, either of which cuts off blood flow to areas of the body for digestion and healthy self-esteem.  When this occurs one simply loses the ability, and possibly the desire to stand on our own two feet.  Too much rigidity will cause too much independence.  Anger or depression may follow these occurrences.  Do you know the difference between being a victim (someone who allows self-sabotage to control your life) and being strong enough to stand-up for yourself even though others disagree with you?  Sometimes we create our own victim-hood.  Understanding when you feel like a victim and the reason why, is a powerful lesson for our inner spirit.  Do you struggle with standing up for yourself or do you avoid conflict at all cost?  Learning to weigh the difference between being a victim and standing up for ourselves helps determine the strengths and weaknesses of your soul and can increase the value of your self-esteem.  Sodalite gemstones boost self-esteem and help to ease confusion and unrest.
3) Gratitude
Being grateful for what  we have is a great way to realize how blessed we are.  It also helps to change the way we look at life situations an helps our brain become more positive than negative.  Without gratitude, we can become jealous, competitive, manipulative, depressed.  Look around you and count your blessings.  Each of us has our own talents and expertise - if we were all alike, life would be boring.  This is essential to letting go of attachments to earthly things so that you can pursue your own spiritual path.  

3) Self Sabotage
Self-sabotage is one of the most unhealthy things we can do to our inner child, our Inner spirit and our own body-mind-spirit.  Who told you that you were not good enough?  Who made you feel inferior, unworthy or whatever?  Who told you that you had to be perfect?  It doesn't really matter who it was.  What matters is that when you buy into all of this "stuff", you feed your own soul with addictions, attitudes, habits, excessive work or exercise, and sometimes depression, thereby continuing to give your energy over to those who first lied to you.  We all have a right to be here and to love and be loved.  It is not easy to regain the person that you know yourself to be.  Without a good support system, it often seems like too high a hill to climb.  But it is not.  Address the feelings behind the emotions, embrace them, and get to know them.  Shunning them, stuffing them down, or running away from them will never free you.  

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